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Remote (Net)working Solutions from Extreme

Cloud Networking Enables Remote Networking

Extreme offers simple, cloud-managed, plug and play solutions to radically simplify remote deployments and operations of your wired and wireless infrastructure. This allows you to effortlessly and securely connect and support your organization, your network, and most importantly, your people.


Portable Branch Kit Solutions

For organizations looking to extend connectivity to remote locations, Extreme offers simple, cloud-managed, plug and play solutions that can be deployed over a broad range of connectivity options including broadband, cellular and private WAN. PORTABLE BRANCH KIT

Remote workers need a fast and simple way to access the same resources as corporate users. Extreme Networks delivers a comprehensive range of remote access solutions catering to the diverse requirements of different users. SOLUTION BRIEF

To help educators cope with unprecedented demand for remote learning, Extreme’s curated solutions deliver the connectivity, flexibility and security needed to support their online eLearning requirements. BROCHURE

To help hospitals cope with unprecedented demand for capacity, Extreme offers curated solutions that help facilitate secure home-based patient care and the extension of healthcare services beyond the traditional hospital environment. SOLUTION BRIEF

To help hospitals and other organizations extend secure connectivity to pop up sites, Extreme offers secure, reliable Wi-Fi and wired capabilities that can be rapidly deployed, with the performance needed to support even the most pressing clinical environments. WIFI KIT